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'Benedicta saved my life!  Writing a book is such a solitary activity and just when you think you have given it your all and it's ready to publish, you discover that there is so much more to be done. Benedicta first helped me re-structure my book.  When she pointed out how I could do this I could immediately see what I couldn't before - a much clearer overview of the book as a whole. After this she made some really helpful suggestions to do with adding dialogue, again something I had not previously considered.  The added dialogue instantly brought the story to life. The third and final phase was that she proof read it, correcting and adding a few more helpful suggestions.  It is amazing how much you miss! I cannot recommend Benedicta highly enough.  She is a great editor and I can't wait to work with her again.'
Catherine Bailey
Please get in touch to discuss your writing. Book Reports vary in cost depending on length but always include a sample of line editing. Further line editing is charged by the hour on the basis of a completed report. 

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