Creative Writing Services fall into two main groups, although there's significant overlap between them. It is possible to proceed solely with editing by email, accepting or rejecting suggested changes as you see fit, or to select more teaching.




Rewriting is a process all authors go through. When can an editor help and how? 


Early stages: Our role at the start is to give you the confidence to develop your ideas. Often all this takes is some help with basic stylistic errors. You've read all the how-to-write manuals, but your sentences still sound wrong to you. We can assist with just one page of your writing. If even that seems too daunting, live writing tutorials can be the answer.


The Middle: Writers often get stuck in the middle of a long project. Maybe you've been working on your novel for years, but lost your way. Manuscript and synopsis review will give you new energy and direction.


Ready to self-publish or send to agents: Sometimes you can't find anything left to self-edit. Maybe you revise things, only to put them back the way they were later the same day. We can review manuscripts of any length and provide feedback on every aspect, from narrative structure to punctuation.




Writing ready to review:

Perhaps you feel that notes on your manuscript are not enough. You really want to improve your writing for the long-term, not just this particular piece. We can provide more in depth discussion of our suggested editing changes through a classic tutorial format, either in Oxford or over the phone. We can also back this up with long-term mentoring.


Need help to get going:

Sometimes writers can get stuck with a project or can't even get started. It happens to everyone. Live writing is a great way to free up your creativity and show you that whatever happens, you can write. Ten minute exercises are set by the tutor and the writing they yield is then reviewed by the tutor. Two to three exercises per hour can give rise to a surprising wealth of ideas and writing tips.