Benedicta Norell's Story


It was while I was studying for my Master's in Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes University that I discovered a passion for helping others find the best expression of their ideas. Not everyone has the time and resources for a university course, so North Oxford Creative Writing Services was born to give other writers access to the same kind of feedback and experience.


The myth of the solitary writer in the ivory tower causes a lot of trouble. Creative writing is actually a collaborative process. Only by showing your writing to others will you be able to improve the expression of your inner truth so that it resonates with your audience. And a bit of help rooting out excess adverbs and adjectives helps too.


I read widely from literature both classic and contemporary, so I can deal with all genres. My own favourites range from Ali Smith to Audrey Niffenegger, Kate Mosse, Elena Ferrante, J M Coetzee, David Mitchell, and Philip Pullman, who was a guest teacher on my Oxford Brookes MA.


My connection to the City of Oxford and its universities began in my undergraduate days. I have a BA from Pembroke College, and my MA in Creative Writing was awarded with Merit.


I also speak Swedish, French, and Italian.  My knowledge of languages and  the wider context of European literature can add an extra dimension to collaboration with writers who have chosen English for their fiction when it isn't their first language.


My aim is to bring out the best in your writing. My background in language, literature and creative writing allows me to see the patterns that others might miss, big or small.  As one client says: 'Benedicta has a keen eye for detail but is also able to review a manuscript holistically and offer editorial advice on structure, plot and characterisation.'