'Benedicta always provides a clear and helpful critique. She is able to marry robust and detailed input with positive support. Because she's a writer herself, she knows about the creative process and provides you with ideas and tips about how to make your writing so much better.' Kit de Waal 

'Benedicta has a keen eye for detail but is also able to review a manuscript holistically and offer editorial advice on structure, plot and characterisation. Her approach is professional, insightful and empathetic.'  Helen Matthews 

'I have always found Benedicta a very valuable critic of my work. She has a sympathetic and insightful approach and is open to a wide variety of styles and genres. I always welcome her input which is acute but supportively expressed.'  Annie Murray

'Benedicta’s eye for detail, constructive criticism and encouragement really helped me to become a better writer. She understood the writing process and provided calm, insightful advice to help me to create structured and clean prose. I would not hesitate in contacting her again.'  Carly Shabowski

'Not only did Benedicta confirm any nagging suspicions I'd had about my novel, she pinpointed big issues I could never have solved alone. She was thorough, honest, and offered in-depth suggestions for every problem she found. A good editor is one who makes you think, 'Of course! Why didn't I see that before?' I'd feel very confident to work with her again.'  Ben Reeves

'Benedicta saved my life!  Writing a book is such a solitary activity and just when you think you have given it your all and it's ready to publish, you discover that there is so much more to be done. I cannot recommend Benedicta highly enough.  She is a great editor and I can't wait to work with her again.' Catherine Bailey